Projection Systems

Projection Systems


Scrimsign have extensive experience in the projection sector and have installed a wide variety of projection systems over the years with applications including boardrooms, training rooms, classrooms and retail. Most notably Alliance & Leicester deployed many of our systems in their high street branches.

We can provide front projection, rear projection and rear projection mirrored rig solutions where space is at a premium. We prefer to offer the highest quality projectors and projection screens from the leading manufacturers to ensure that the system delivers the quality and reliability that our clients expect.

We supply several quality brands of front projection motorised projection screens and the market leading dnp rear projection screens which combine the focusing qualities of advanced Fresnel lenses with the distributive properties of meticulously crafted lenticular lenses to give the best possible image and brightness.

As the projection display market is a fast moving one please call us to discuss your application so we can guide you to the optimal solution. 

Electronic signs say a lot about your business. They’re a good fit for today’s transparent, highly connected information age. They make you stand out from the competition and allow open communication with both staff and clients alike.