Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks


Scrimsign have produced bespoke interactive kiosks for our clients since 1998.

Market sectors we have supplied our interactive kiosks into encompass financial, transport, industrial, health service, police through to retail for such clients as:

Halifax Building Society

Nationwide Building Society

Edinburgh Airport

Glasgow Airport

Stansted Airport

Famous Grouse

NHS Durham

Strathclyde Police

Lancashire Constabulary

Sellafield Ltd


Probably our most prestigious product in our interactive kiosk range is the Citizen Street Kiosk commissioned by Lancashire Constabulary. 

This project showcased much of the technology and expertise that we have gathered in conjunction with our valued suppliers over the years. Nearly 2 Tonnes of steel and stainless steel engraved and illuminated, bristling with technology. From the scrolling circular blue LED at the top of the kiosk for general messaging, 3 Interactive Kiosk Cassettes based on the Linux operating system to the LCD Digital Signage system on the rear door, this public street kiosk incorporates some of the best technology available. Please see the detailed project details here.

A typical starting point for an interactive kiosk hardware specification is as follows:

What are you trying to achieve?

Environment Indoor or Outdoor?

Enclosure Style Wall Mounted, Free Standing, Desktop?

LCD Display Size?

Quantity of Displays?

Touch Screen?

Stainless Steel Keyboard / Trackerball?

Printers Tally Roll, Laser A4, Thermal?

Card Readers?

Biometric Readers?

Chip & Pin Readers?

Note & Coin Validators

Internal PC Specification?

Communication Options Ethernet, ADSL, 3G?

Kiosk Branding?

In summary, as well as our previously produced products, Scrimsign welcome enquiries for interactive kiosks that are not readily available on the market and look forward to the challenge of designing and manufacturing products to meet your exact needs.

Electronic signs say a lot about your business. They’re a good fit for today’s transparent, highly connected information age. They make you stand out from the competition and allow open communication with both staff and clients alike.