Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED Signs


Scrimsign offer an extensive range of single line and multiple line outdoor LED electronic displays. 

Various character heights from 50mm to 1000mm are available ensuring optimum viewing distance can be achieved in virtually all locations. The outdoor LED signs dim automatically to ensure that they are clear to read in all ambient light conditions from direct sunlight to complete darkness. Our displays can be configured to provide specific number of lines and characters per line as required. 

All of our outdoor LED signs have robust painted aluminium weatherproof casings rated to IP65 standard as a minimum, ensuring long term reliability, even in the harshest of environments. 

Scrimsign's range of outdoor electronic signs are all based on LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, this ensures our clients are provided with reliable long lifetime products (in excess of 10 years), with low maintenance costs. LED’s are available in single colours red, green, amber, blue and white. In addition various character heights are available in 2 and 3 colour. 

Our outdoor LED signs and LED displays are bright and easy to read. They are also extremely versatile, easy to set-up and program via the user friendly editing software provided. A range of communication methods are available,  RS232, RS485 Computer Network (Ethernet / TCP/IP), Bluetooth, WiFi , PSTN and GSM/GPRS/3G over the public mobile network. Explain your application to us and we will recommend the most appropriate and cost effective communication system to use. 

Scrimsign's outdoor LED electronic displays can be wall or pole mounted, making them suitable for a wide range of applications e.g. ferry terminals / airports / railway & bus stations for passenger information, retail advertising, public notices, industrial sites, public highways, health & safety and many more. In essence anywhere you have a requirement to effectively transmit, clear, concise information to your customers, staff, visitors, etc, Scrimsign’s range of outdoor LED signs offer your organisation an effective solution. 

In addition to our standard range of outdoor LED signs, Scrimsign also offer a bespoke electronic LED display design service for clients looking for a custom solution e.g. extended enclosures, vinyl branding, paint colour, software, etc. Our experienced team of hardware and software engineers can customise the indoor LED display to ensure seamless integration with your management information databases and your production systems e.g. line sensors, PLC integration etc. 

Scrimsign can develop custom application software for our outdoor LED displays either as standalone applications, Windows® operating system services or web browser based user interfaces. If required, we can liaise with your engineering team to provide any necessary protocol information allowing your organisation to develop the software application in-house. 

Whatever your application, Scrimsign can engineer a full turnkey solution to meet with your specifications and requirements. 

Electronic signs say a lot about your business. They’re a good fit for today’s transparent, highly connected information age. They make you stand out from the competition and allow open communication with both staff and clients alike.