Lancashire Police Tardis

Client Application

Designed by Scrimsign, in conjunction with several police forces around the UK, the Citizen Street Kiosk or ‘Police Tardis’ is an effective and economically viable street presence offering information and emergency contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing important resources to be deployed elsewhere.

Built to last, the ‘Tardis’ has been installed in England and as far north as Glasgow City to great impact, supplying both live and stored information to the general public, as well as making the area around the installation safer at all times of day and night.

Whether looking to display information, increase safety or even to reduce the manned resources within an area, the Citizen Safety Kiosk provides the most effective solution.

• Three interactive touch-screens give public access to stored information, such as maps, tourism and safety information, the nearest police contact and NHS support
• Scrolling LED information line displays live information for the area
• Emergency telephone help-point acts as safe haven for public
• Light activated down-lighting for the surrounding area to increase the overall visibility
• Creates a community hub and improves the safety of the area without the need for additional officers
• Police branding with backlighting making the kiosk highly visible to the surrounding area
• All content is controlled and updated securely from Police HQ, allowing for live information display


Interactive Kiosk Product Specifications


Interactive Information Kiosk




3 Interactive Touch-Screens giving Public Information for the Area

Scrolling LED Line Displays Live Information for the Area

Onelan System for Live News, Advertising & Communication


Touch Screen






Networked TCP / IP Ethernet


3 x Dell Optiplex

Additional Peripherals

Light Activated Down-Lighting for the Surrounding Area to Increase the Overall Visibility

Environmental Control

Air Conditioning - Twin 700 Watt Air Conditioning Units


Fully IP65 Compliant